Black and White party kit

A black and white party kit to decorate a party for adults, teens or grown-up kids! For a very chic themed party.
Simply choose the number of guest (8, 16 or 24) and let us do the rest.

Bundle Items:
pack of 10 black balloons
pack of 10 linen white balloons
Black cutlery set
25 black stripe paper straws
16 black and white striped napkins
Black paper table cover
10 black diamond placemats
8 black bow tie plates
8 black bow tie cups
12 Black stripes and spots party candles

Bundle Info
- 16 Children
Additional 1 x plates, 1 x cups, 1 x cutlery, 1 x table cover, 1 x 8 placemats

  • 24 Children Additional 2 x plates, 2 x cups, 2 x cutlery, 2 x table cover, 2 x 8 placemats