Christmas Sack Kit

Make your own perfect Christmas sack, all you need to do is add a sparkle of creative energy!

Don't be put off by the fact you have to make it yourself, it is really simple, and you get to experience the joy of creating something completely unique and lovely. We send you a plain jute sack and pre-cut names and shapes. All you need to do is have fun deciding where to place them and iron into place. No sewing, cutting or pinning, hurrah!

It even comes pre-threaded with your choice of ribbon.

I have a large range of colour options, so the combinations are endless and you will create a real family treasure that can be used year after year. A great activity to do with little ones on the run up to Christmas. Supervision is essential, as an iron is required.

The sack is made of high quality natural jute, measuring approx 70cm x 50cm, plenty of room for Father Christmas to fit in those special gifts.

Full ironing instructions are included.

Please contact me through the "Chat with me!" button to discuss further details or ask any question you have.